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”Factory” is not just referring the factory in operation, but is a metaphorical life factory. It expresses the hardship within the laboring work and the challenge of living within the environment.

l BETA PUBLICA/Madrid, Spain(2017,15min version)

l Gothenburg Fringe/Sweden(2019)

l Istanbul Fringe/Turkey(2019)

l FINFRINGE/Turku, Finland(2020)

l RYK Fringe/Reykjavik, Iceland(2023)

Chung-An, Chang experimented with dancers by using the mobile platforms to create a variety of languages between the dynamic and static and his intention is to express the emotion fear and anxiety of citizens who live within the capitalist society.

FACTORY was choreographed in 2017 and the theme took from Chung An's observation and he has many questions; such as how citizen acts within the controlled life policy system? And through time, would the daily life attitude and values formed a certain behavior? Would it be fair to say that the type of controlled life system is almost like the machines operate in the factory without much of the surprises? Would people produce fear, insecurity, and anxiety once they discovered that they have their way value? Do you stay and be controlled with the system? or should you dare to be rebellion and have your say by staying out of a certain cycle?

To me, capitalism surrounding the environment and it operates like the whirlpool of the “human society”, people who live in such an environment could be forced to flow in the and hard to withdraw from it, No?

The piece is re-choreographed in 2023 with a slightly different version with 5 dancers.

機械作用的動力舞台發想來自於張忠安老師,並在2016與種子舞團合作創作實驗作品<工廠33>。滯留島舞蹈劇場於2017年重製實驗作品並獲得西班牙馬德里BEAT Publica國際編舞選秀決選團隊之一,其獨特性將在台灣以及國際舞台上引發爆炸性的議題,提升並開發截然不同與往的表演藝術創新劇場模式,與別創新格、獨具巧思的舞台劇場新視覺,滯留島舞蹈劇場持續結合跨科技的動力舞台持續地進行實驗。

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