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2023年《In Factory》




2017年《鏽 塔》《Factory》

2016年《Lost in Grey》





Resident Island Dance Theatre

    "Dance always comes from the message reflected by the body's transmission. We experiment with any possibility in the form of dance; find the elements of the body and the body; the excavation in the complicated or simple structure, before the meaning of existence the message positioning, there were many possibilities for moving objects in motion, and we will try to find every anchor point."

    The content of the "Resident Island Dance Theater" has always been the subject of multiple tentacles; the creation of humanistic care as the material, the choreographer actively develops contemporary dance style. Since 2010, the company has repeatedly won many recognitions from the domestic dance industry, choreographer Chung-An, Chang's bold and profound body, and material application, his works are always full of energetic energy and life energy. With his sincere original tone, he presents his opinions and opinions on social phenomena and life. The dance always shows beyond imagination. Energy, simplicity presents uncontrolled control; high skills in non-imagery skills, fully revealing the self-artistic view, in the current practice of too many creative imitations and the no-new choreography, no doubt precious.

"Original dance." Since the beginning of the founding of the company in 2010, the new work has been launched every year. With a groundbreaking and experimental performance form and stage design, the dance has different thinking spaces. After the modern critical avant-garde perspective, it continues to care about humanities and social issues. It interprets the state of mind and phenomena that modern people face under the high pressure of the capitalist society. Through the communication form of body language, the audience's intuition, reasoning, association, and imagination are enhanced, and the social problems under capitalism are discussed.

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