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時代下的灰斑/ Lost in Grey


2016 Edinburgh Fringe Review

Nominated and Shortlisted in The Asian Arts Award

The Scotsman ★★★★

‘’Chang Chung-an is definitely one to watch.’

British Theatre Guide ★★★★

‘’Lost In Grey holds its own because of the dancers and the dance’’.

The Skinny ★★★★

‘’Full of excitement and surprising lyricism … the dancing is relentless and fast paced’’.


2017 Changmu International Performing Arts Festival, Asian & Astralia Arts Networking Accosiaction, IIT Bombay Mood Indigo

2018 Music and Dance Festival(Taichung), Dance Festival(Chaiyi)

2017 韓國創舞藝術節,澳亞藝術交流協會布里斯本邀演,印度理工學院Mood Indigo

2018 台中音樂舞蹈藝術節,嘉義潮間帶舞蹈節

About Lost in Grey

Can one person bombarded by the pressures of modern life estabilise an entire society?

In Chang Chung-An’s Lost in Grey, Resident Island Dance Theatre uses dynamic movement, multi-media projections and an experimental rock soundtrack to create a hard-hitting and intensely human reflection of mental health disorders in Taiwan and the wider world. The dancers’ bodies are the vehicle for a range of frantic motions, distorted perceptions and poignant emotions. Lost in Grey is a bold yet caring attempt to harness the complexities of human psychology in a single performance, and a caution against indifference towards an important issue.

Come find relief or release.

作品創作發想:有感於在台灣高壓的時代下,產生精神疾病問題日漸增加,因此本次演出以探討社會壓力或家庭壓力所導致的精神疾病問題為創作發想,希冀透過此作品以示關懷社會暗處之弱勢群眾,並且引發大眾對時下社會問題的關注。 《玻璃屋》系列,是舞團藝術總監/編舞者張忠安自2013年起,潛心探詢與關注的議題,因此特別在每年的創作演出中,陸續將觀看心得透過舞作進行辦證、闡釋。2015年新作《時代下的灰班─玻璃屋系列Ⅲ》則是以精神分裂與反人格現象進行探討。張忠安再一次深刻探入環境與人文關懷。


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